How Digital Technology Is Changing Education

The advent of digital technology in education has deepened our resources and understanding of things around us. It helps us learn in a better way. Education of matter and subject has been one of the main courses of mankind since its leap to evolve as a better human being. Right from ancient civilization up until now, education and education system has played a vital role in the awakening of awareness and knowledge.

In late 20th century, technological advancement in the education industry has helped us see things in multiple ways and through different perspectives. Technology has become an integral part of our life. We use many devices and systems as a part of our daily work and personal life. Gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, blood and pulse reading machines (smartwatch, fitbit, etc.),  have become a necessity. Self-learning technology is being integrated in many such useful devices and systems, so that these machines can understand our struggle and help us find better ways to tackle and respond towards our own necessities.

Let’s look at the stats of our evolving education system in India and across the globe.


Source: IIPS Mumbai

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